Bahamas Pavilion


Situated in the sustainability district of the Expo site, this 7,500sq ft. two story building is designed to showcase The Bahamas’ food, culture, music, natural environment and resources, and superb investment climate. 

The first floor is a museum dedicated to the history and culture of The Bahamas. Features included, a 360 degree Immersive Experience; National Ecosystem and Biodiversity; Sustainable Cities and Built Habitats; Green Growth and Resources. This floor is also inclusive of  a retail section, which gives visitors a chance to purchase authentically Bahamian made products and a Grab n Go section for visitors to excite their taste buds with Bahamian Food and Beverages.

Feel and dance to the rhythm of Junkanoo, as Bay Street comes alive in Dubai! 

The second floor is an Embassy for Business tailored to meet the needs of anyone who would like to explore business opportunities with the UAE, other participating countries or B2B. This floor is inclusive of but not limited to, a Welcome Reception Rotunda; Investment and Trade Offices; a Boardroom; a Seminar room; and an exquisite Bar and Lounge area. The Bar and Lounge is designed for social gatherings and informal meetings.

The Bahamas has been well received by the UAE. We are excited about this global partnership opportunity.